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Lian Hua Cong Bian (漢珍電子圖書館─聯話叢編)

Lian Hua Cong Bian was published by JiangXi People’s Publishing House which collected 29 schools of 37 kinds of Lian Hua from Ming and Qing Dynasty(1368~1912) to the Republican Period.

Lian Hua Cong Bian can be divided into three parts:

Part  I :  Poetry of Couplet (Ying Lian Shi Hua), is the main body of Lian Hua Cong Bian.
Part  II : Couplet’s introduction and comments.
Part III : Game of Couplet. It must adhere to the following rules:
  1. The lexical category of each character must be the same as its corresponding character.
  2. The tone pattern of one line must be the inverse of the other. This generally means if one character is of a level tone, its corresponding character in the other line must be of an oblique tone, and vice versa.