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Common Wealth Magazine Group Database (天下雜誌群知識庫)

Since it was first published in 1981, Commonwealth Magazine has been recognized as visionary, professional and authoritative with its in-depth coverage of both world and regional economic and political developments.

     More importantly, Commonwealth Magazine has become a storehouse of information on Taiwan’s economic development, the rise and fall of local corporations, the transformation of Taiwan society, and cultural developments. In order to meet the needs of the information age, Commonwealth Magazine digitized all its archival material dating back to the first issue and launched its online service in August 2004. Today, readers can access this valuable archive as well as the latest issues via the Internet with features such as: a full-text searchable knowledge base, each article reproduced in PDF format with text, images and diagrams, and special reports which integrate related articles on selected topics, including people, news events and industry, allowing readers to get an overall view of their specific topic interest. 

     In 2010, we add 3 optional add-on modules, including “Common Wealth Survey Center”, ”Special Issue Collection” and “Common Wealth Selected English Reports”. The add-on modules greatly enhance the research value of this database.