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Business Weekly (商業周刊知識庫)

Business Weekly was founded in 1987. Its editorial team has long been outstanding in setting reporting subjects. It precisely and acutely offers new knowledge and incisive observations on commerce in Taiwan and overseas. The average circulation per issue, according to ABC, an international circulation certification organization, is 160,740 copies, which tops all elite magazines in Taiwan.

     Business Weekly ,Taiwan's most prestigious commercial and financial weekly in Taiwan is now cooperating with You may comprehensively enquire on the contents of about 18,000 articles of Business Weekly for the past 15 years since 1995 on the most familiar udndata interface.

◆ Specifications of "Business Weekly"
 • Full text articles are updated every Friday , so you can read the latest issue same as the prints.
 • "My Clipping" : in order to prepare for easier and better knowledge management.