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Dispatches from United States Consuls at Amoy 1844-1906 (美國19-20世紀初駐廈門領事檔案 1844-1906)

The original microfilm was reproduced from 15 volumes of records that consisted, for the most part, of dispatches addressed to the Department of State from the United States Consulate at Amoy , China , between 1844 and 1906. These dispatches, with their enclosures, are arranged in chronological order with their contents registered on the first roll of microfilm. Within its jurisdiction, consular agencies at Tamsui, Keelung , Takao and Taiwanfoo, all located in Formosa.

     A large number of these consular dispatches are of a routine nature forwarded by the consul to the Department of State. Many of these are tables of consular fees received, arrivals and departures of American Vessels, trade statistics, and other data collected in the ordinary course of consular duty. In addition to this type of material, there are fairly detailed dispatches covering a wide range of subjects. Included among this material are: 

◆  the expedition of 1867 lead by Rear Admiral Henry H. Bell,

◆  the agreement concluded in 1867 by Charles Le Gendre, American Consul at Amoy , with several of the aboriginal tribes for the protection of shipwrecked sailors,

◆  the Japanese punitive expedition of 1874 and

◆  the Japanese occupation in 1895.

     This archive provides a valuable resource for new approaches to Taiwan studies. We digitized all this microfilm, and made these records available on CD-ROM. With a digital index, readers can easily browse through these valuable documents.