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Yongle Northern Tripitaka (永樂北藏)

Yongle Northern Tripitaka is recorded in historical literature that the finished Yongle North Tripitaka was only for imperial collection and rewarding, so it is not popular to spread and had no record about its old Tripitaka printing plate after Kangxi period. Till today after 600 years, there has only several sets of surviving texts, one of which is this Yongle Northern Tripitaka, the scarce national treasure for its high value, kept in the Palace Museum.

     This database, rectified word by word for 3 years by Chinese 136 Buddhist academic specialists, preserving the original authenticity, is the first time, unprecedented on Buddhist publication all over the world in 6 hundreds years. You can easily search within a specific dynasty, series, Author and other search functions to discover the original full-text that you need.