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The British Pharmacopoeia

The British Pharmacopoeia(BP)《英國藥典》是英國藥劑和藥用物質的權威標準集錄,也是藥品品質控制、藥品生產授權管理的重要依據。在英國藥品與保健品管理局主持下編纂,是英國國內任何與藥品和獸藥研究、開發、製造有關的活動的官方參考。該藥典囊括了許多有價值醫學專題論文,其中也包含了醫學新論。《英國藥典》每年持續更新,在商業和學術界同時具有極高的國際聲譽,目前為止有超過100個國家採用。


  ¨  general notices (providing general information applicable to all texts)

  ¨  general monographs (apply to all dosage forms)

  ¨  specific monographs providing mandatory standards for

        ¤ active pharmaceutical ingredients

        ¤ Excipients

        ¤ formulated preparations (licensed and unlicensed products)

        ¤ herbal drugs, herbal drug products and herbal medicinal products

        ¤ materials for use in the manufacture of homoeopathic preparations

        ¤ blood-related products

        ¤ immunological products

        ¤ radiopharmaceutical preparations

¨  infrared reference spectra

¨  appendices

¨  supplementary chapters (providing additional guidance)

¨  comprehensive index