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Knowledge Management Winner (知識贏家)

Knowledge Management Winner is a very important news archive established by The China Times, which is one of the three biggest newspapers in Taiwan. 

     This database contains the complete family of The China Times, including the China Times, the Commercial Times, the China Times Express.

◆  Full-text Search: This database provides powerful searching capabilities. User can search the full text by keywords. They can cross-search the complete collection or limit their searches to individual publications.? By default, all years of available materials are searched, but specific range of dates can be used to limit the results.

◆  News Express: Users can browse the latest news within 1 month by News Express.

◆  Feature Stories: It provides the integrated information of most popular news events and people profiles in 23 categoies created by the newspaper editors, such as the breaking out of SARS and Taiwan first presidential election.

◆  Photos: The database includes over 1.2 million photos covering current and historical news

◆  Events. Brief descriptions are also incorporated with the photo per se. (Additional Charge)