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Kiss Holiday (節慶大書電子版)

Do you know the story of Dragon Boat Festival? Do you know how do we celebrate the Chinese New Year? Do you know where does Santa Clause live? “Kiss Holiday” will bring you to understand the story of festivals and traditional holidays around the world. You will discover the cultural differences between east and west.

 “Kiss Holiday” is an online multifunctional platform, fits to kindergarten, elementary school, public library and cultural center. “Kiss Holiday” has “Reading” and “Tutorial” area. Students will have much more fun in reading the stories and learning from mini games.

Reading Area

1. Story-
Festival Tales: The Legend of the Nian Monster, A Mouse’s Wedding, Houyi Shot the Suns and Jack-o'-Lantern. 

2.  I want to know-
The custom of Tomb-Sweeping Festival, Lantern Festival and Children’s Day around the world. 

3.  Poetry and Nursery Rhyme-
Such as nursery rhyme of Tomb-Sweeping Festival and poems of Chinese Valentine’s Day

4.  DIY-
Learn how to make gifts for the festival, such as lantern, carnation, mooncake, jack-o'-lantern, chocolate and so on.

5. Games- 
Learn more about the festivals and holidays through our interactive games.

Reading Area

Introduction of each Festival and Holiday, Preparation of Classroom Decoration, Activities of Festival and Holiday, and other teaching resources, etc.