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Eastern/Western Philosophy Dictionary (東西方哲學大辭典電子版)

Professional Editors, Rich Resources, Simplified/Tradition Chinese Converter

Eastern/Western Philosophy Dictionary is a major reference book, including the history of Western philosophy, Eastern philosophy and modern Western philosophy; with comparison to other Chinese dictionaries, Eastern/Western Philosophy Dictionary can be regarded as unique. To put Eastern and Western philosophy into one, we should say, they both are theoretical as well as practical significance. Each has its own significant characteristics, but each nationality has various factions’ philosophy and thinking.


◆ Professional Editors:

Eastern/Western Philosophy Dictionary is contributed by Chinese notable scholars, who research on western philosophy for years, they spent many years to study and assess topics strictly and precisely.

◆ Rich Resources:

collected most relevant studies from: [Bibliography of Philosophy Translations], [International Philosophy Journals], and [International philosophy organization] etc, which provides readers and researchers valuable information on their studies.

◆ Detailed Context:

includes more than 3,000 full-text Easter/Western philosophies, ex. Western Philosophy, Modern Western Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy with glossaries, theories, characters, and writings.


◆ User-friendly Interface:

1. search function includes basic search, advanced, search , preview search, history search

2. 3 kinds of preview search: by Chinese Strokes, Alphabetical, Chinese Pinyi

◆ Classification Integrity:

1. full-text, Chinese Pinyi, Character Timeline

2. Covert Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese

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