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Cambridge Bright Sparks (劍橋英語閱讀計畫電子書)

Bridge Sparks is a set of well-designed English books published by Cambridge University Press for students’ learning which is divided into 3 levels, “Emergent”, “Early” and “Fluent”. Every book in the database has its special subject also provides with a suitable pattern which can intensify students’ reading abilities. With interesting stories, this is a great reading tool not only for teaching supplements in class but also students’ self-learning materials.

Features of Cambridge Bright Sparks

1.  The Standard English pronouncing enhances students’ listening and reading abilities.
2.  Each story has colorful and vivid animations to increase students’ interests of readings. 
3.   Each book has reading quiz to test student's ability of understandings.
4.   More, functions of “Zoom in/out”, “Audio” and “Palette” are easy-to-use.
5.   Applicable to Electronic Whiteboard