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“Little Kiss” E-Book (Little Kiss 電子書)

" Little Kiss”E-book are co-published by “Ching Ching” Cultural Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Transmission Books & Microinfo Co., Ltd. There are a total of 10 sets with 50 books. Its contents cover observations and learning acquired in natural and humanistic fields of daily living. Its presentation in both Chinese and English provides children with opportunities to learn English and acquire knowledge from it. It provides an entirely new reading experience.

Features of “Little Kiss”E-Book

◆      With easy-to-use interface, which enables children to operate on their own

◆      All 50 books are independent units so that children can choose their favorite subjects to read

◆      Providing book content reciting functions, which gives more fun and vitality to the learning process

◆      At the end of each book there are games designed in accordance with the subject of the book. This enables children to review what have just learned and thus greatly enhancing learning effects

◆      Making good use of the characteristics of the Internet and design interesting additional functions

     ‧  Expressing opinions after reading: sharing one’s opinions with teachers, parents, and school mates through email

     ‧  Group discussion: providing a platform of discussion for users of the website especially for “Little Kiss” Digital Documents to exchange experiences