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Harvard Business Review -Traditional Chinese (哈佛商業評論 全球繁體中文版)

 Established in 1922, the English edition of “Havard Business Review”is published by Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP). For the past more than 80 years it has nourished many advanced management concepts. Many famous management trend masters such as Peter F. Drucker, Michael Porter, and Ohmae Kenichi often disclose articles with creative opinions on it. It has exerted a profound influence in global practical management. 

     Beginning in September 1, 2006, Commonwealth Publishing Group, with an accumulated 20 years’ experience in publishing “Global Views Monthly Magazine” and Commonwealth Publishing Co. Ltd., has introduced into Taiwan “Havard Business Review,” a leading management magazine of the world. It is expected that through this periodical, management concepts of Taiwan society and the global Chinese community can be upgraded and practical improvement can be brought about, thus opening a window for Taiwan as a link to the world and forming a driving force for an advanced Taiwan society. 

    Through “Traditional Chinese Database of Havard Business Review,” users can made use of the work of masters in every corner of the world. Its contents include all global traditional Chinese issues of “Havard Business Review” since its inception and all series of and nearly 800 classic articles compiled in “Selected Contents of Havard Business Review.” Speedy searching can be made with keywords or words like name of an author. Users can also easily locate needed article resources by browsing subjects. It is hoped that all these functions can serve the purpose of facilitating exchanges of information among political, economic, and academic circles.