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Taiwan Economic Research Monthly Archive (台經月刊二十年資料庫)

   Taiwan Economic Research Monthly Archive collects the researches by Taiwan Institute of Economic Research for 20 years from 1978 to 1997. Those researches mainly focus on economic and industrial situation and development research in Taiwan. The collection contains over 4,500 article indexes and more than 20,000 pages of images. Users can search the CD-ROM database by article title, author, industry and subject. 

   Taiwan Economic Research Monthly Archive includes more than 150 subjects related to industry and economic issues in Taiwan and internationally.

◆   Macroeconomics: 
  The collection contains about 2,500 articles related to macroeconomics, including international economy, business and trade organizations, trade with China, economic policy, financial regulations, business management and economy theory.

◆   Microeconomics: 
  The collection contains about 2,000 articles regarding Taiwan and global industries. Those industries include agriculture, food, textile, chemicals, metals, machinery, consumer electronics, information technology, automobile, financial service, insurance, capital market, construction and engineering, retailing, energy, biotechnology and consumer service and so on.