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Industry and Economy Journal Database (台灣經濟知識庫)

As the Taiwan economy becomes more and more sophisticated, the research publications regarding economic and industrial situation and development in Taiwan prosper. 

     The publications cover a broad range of subjects, including domestic and international economic trends, industry analyses and future trends and economic statistics and information. These researches and reports provide vital information for further academic researches and corporation management. 

      In order to make these valuable resources easier to access, Transmission created the Industry and Economy Journal Database with about 10 local periodicals from 1998 to current, including Taiwan Economic Research Monthly, Annual Survey on Economic Trends, APEC Newsletter and Research Reports. Users can search the contents by using keywords, authors and so on. The database features the following contents: 

   ◆    Domestic and overseas economic situation and future trends 
   ◆    In-depth analyses on substantial industrial and economic issues 
   ◆    Informative research reports, providing further research opportunities