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Multimedia Database of Taiwan History and Geograph (臺灣史地與中國史地影音資料庫)

Multimedia Database of Taiwan History and Geography is another joint-venture project between Transmission and Sun Light Educational Products Co. Ltd. Sun Light was established in 1985, and dedicated to production and publication of award-winning multimedia educational products. In recent years, Sun Light made a great effort to promote Taiwan culture and art and published a series of products, including Taiwan Geography, Taiwan History, Taiwan Society, Taiwan Rural Art and Taiwan Rural Language. All these products were awarded by Government Information Office and Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission. Now Transmission digitizes their products and put them online, and provides users an easy access to this valuable resource. The database contents include three parts:

◆   Taiwan Geography (46 episodes):Introduction of Taiwan natural environment and resources, including terrain, climate, hydrology, ecology and environmental protection.

◆   Taiwan History (20 episodes):Historical facts regarding various ethnic groups who were involved in the development of Taiwan.

◆   China History (40 episodes):This series systematically introduces the politics, society, economy and culture of every dynasty from prehistorical period to modern times.