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udn Digital Reading Room – E-Book (udn 讀書館—電子書)

Electronic books with the cooperation among udn, various domestic publishing houses and authors are rearranged and reproduced with interactive design. In addition to selling to general internet users, they are also offered to libraries. One may find in the database literary work of famous authors, book sets of magical thinking by expert writers, books on leisure and travel, computer learning books, book series on finance and economics and business management, and year books.

Introducting the New Version

     udn produces and designs fresh and beautiful interactive electronic books. It uses the most popular Adobe Reader software among web surfers. It also actively devoted to producing best digital reading experience, with improved reading design oriented to features and classification in contents of books.

     On the new platform, your patrons can easily browse the newly-added e-books and hit titles on the top of the front page. The new preview feature allows your patron to view the selected part of new books. The most important update is the app to support mobile device, and your reader can download the e-book on their device and access it off-line    

Content Features

. Best contents with personal authorization of authors and famous local publishing houses.
. With wide diversity in book classifications such as encyclopedia suitable to the general public, digital year books, electronic version of industry reports.
. Excellent design for computer learning books with Flash interactive functions, college books with audio and video effects, voiced electronic books of English learning, etc.
. The e-book app upgrades your reading experience.