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Kangxi Dictionary (康熙字典 電子版)

Kangxi Dictionary was compiled by Zhang Yushu ( 張玉書 ), Chen Tingjing ( 陳廷敬 ), and other well-known scholars in 1716 during the Qing Dynasty. The Kangxi dictionary includes a set of 214 radicals which remain in common use to this day.

     The Kangxi Dictionary electronic version puts the twelve-book, 47,035-character dictionary on two CDs, and allows users to search the dictionary by inputting characters, pronunciations, radicals and strokes. The shape, pronunciation, and explanation of each character will be presented to users in Big5, GBK and UNICODE formats. Users can also view the digital image of the original copy by using the “browsing the originals” function. Audio pronunciations for most characters are also included. We hope this important reference book for Sinology can better serve users' needs in the information age.