Taiwan Min Bao (1900~1904) (臺灣民報)

A Must-Have 22 Volume Hardcover Book Set for Taiwan Studies

During the 50 years of the Japanese Colonialism, at least two versions of Taiwan Min Bao were published.  One was published in Japan in 1923 by Taiwanese to speak out for the people.  The other one reproduced for the first time was published in Taiwan by Japanese at the beginning of the 20th century.  This newspaper, mainly in Japanese, was founded on August 8th. The founder was Miura (三浦重次) and the first publisher was Yoshinori Takahashi.

Victim of Media Censorship A Century Ago

     Taiwan Min Bao was published as a daily newspaper for more than a thousand issues. Apart from the Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpoum, Taiwan Min Bao took the stand to monitor the government and uncover injustice. It was banned for several times for disclosing various scandals.  In March 1904, Taiwan Governor banned the distribution of the newspaper by cancelling its publication permission.  Taiwan Min Bao became history after publication for less than five years. 


International Cooperation to enrich Taiwan Study

     Appleseed Digital and Marketing from Taiwan worked with Yumani Bookstore in Japan to reproduce the complete run of Taiwan Min Bao in 22 volumes.  It is distributed by Transmission and Microinfo globally and provides a new angle for Taiwan Studies.