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Taiwanese Classic Poem Collection Received Subdies of Ministry of Culture

《Taiwanese classic poem collection 》provides the exploration and discovery of Taiwan Literature Poetry during 17 to 20 century. The database includes almost 100 poets' clubs, 1000 poets, 280,000 poems, and 27 million words. 


2011 Online Information Asia-Pacific took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)

2011 Online Information Asia-Pacific will take place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC ) from 23-24 March 2011. We would like to invite you visit our booth and join with us for our TBMC Chinese Online Information Publishing Seminar.

You can register online for an appointment with us, .


TBMC was nominated for “Best Digital Publisher of the Year” in Golden Tripod Award

    For three consecutive years, Transmission was nominated for “Best Digital Publisher of the Year” in Golden Tripod Award for Digital Publishing. We would like to thank judges and all the supports. Transmission holds the mission to enrich online Chinese language contents.


TBMC received Superior Small and Medium Enterprise Award 2009 by Ministry of Economic Affairs.

    In 2000, TBMC has conducted industry-academia collaboration in Enterprise Incubation Center, Ming Chuan University.


About Us

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Transmission Books & Microinfo was established in Taipei in 1981. In its early days, Transmission major imported foreign language books, academic publications, technical reports, microforms and CD-ROMs from U.S., Europe and Japan. Recently, Transmission’s major products and services already shifted to electronic publications, database construction and digital content integration and marketing.


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Our business activities are as follows: the digital contents, technical supports, microfilms, Dissertaion online bookstores and related knowledge associated products. The main business of digital contents, including database construction, publication and distribution; digital publication archiving, editing, proofreading and data processing; import of online and CD-ROM databases; e-book licensing, development and marketing; Digital Dissertation Consortium.

Common Wealth Magazine Group Database

Since it was first published in 1981, Commonwealth Magazine has been recognized as visionary, professional and authoritative with its in-depth coverage of both world and regional economic and political developments.In 2010, we add 3 optional add-on modules, including “Common Wealth Survey Center”, "Special Issue Collection” and “Common Wealth Selected English Reports”.

Communique of Taiwan Sotokufu

 “Communique of Taiwan Sotokufu" was the major government gazette which published laws and decrees during 50 year of Japanese Colonial Period. Communique of Taiwan Sotokufu was not only an important source for research in colonial management, colonial business, law and military system, but also essentials of operations of legislation, executive, judicial during Japanese Colonial Period.

Taiwan Photo Gallery/GIS Database

 “ Taiwan Photo Gallery/GIS Database,” a total of 25,000 photos from 1895 to 1945, dated back to 70 to 100 years ago, were collected create a database. Many of these images are newly found contents. The two major sources are: first-hand photos obtained from individual collectors and a collection of images related to Taiwan history and culture collected by TBMC and  Publishing Ltd over the years.

New Products

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Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpou,YUMANI high-resolution (includes Chinese Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpou)